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“Audrineta” Ltd. sews curtains, Roman blinds, Austrian blinds, screens, bedding, coverlets, tablecloth, cushions and other products of interior textile. “Audrineta” Ltd. started its activity in November 2002 and managed to gain trust of numerous private and business clients in several years. The following companies have been continuously using the services of “Audrineta” Ltd.: hotels and restaurants of Best Western name, hotels “Nemuno Slėnis”, “Karališkoji Rezidencija”, IDW Esperanza Resort…

“Audrineta” Ltd. has implemented several significant projects, which represent activity of our company perfectly: “Du Broliai” (Palanga), Reval Hotel restaurant (Kaunas), “Sonnet’s Restaurant” (“Šekspyro viešbutis” (Shakespeare hotel), Vilnius), hotel “Kaunas”, restaurant and hotel “Mūsų Dvaras” (Kaunas), “Dalia’s homestead”, “Rokas’ homestead” (Kaišiadorys), restaurant in the hotel “Margis” (Trakai) and many others. The designers of “Audrineta” Ltd. are giving consultations in entire Lithuania, whereas the salons of the company are located in Kaunas.

The employees of “Audrineta” Ltd. are creative persons, who are distinguished by their exceptional thinking and competence. They are worth being called the experts in their field. The main advantage of the employees is their professionalism. They use this feature to create the items of interior textile, taking into account needs of clients, interior of the premise and numerous subtle details, which help to model such an element of interior textile that would merge into total interior harmoniously.

The client of “Audrineta” Ltd. is a creative person, who is looking for exceptional ideas. He is interested only in unique works, which have no analogues. As we know this, we offer only individual items of interior textile to our clients, because they are adjusted to each individual taste. These items warm up the space immediately and create unique interior. These items never stop surprising and fascinating…

“Audrineta” Ltd. – creators of interior textile

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