Caretaking of curtains


Light, colorful and flapping curtains transfer the dwelling place into cozy, warm and stylish place. However, curtains are not cheap and often replaceable item, thus it is necessary to take good care about them in order to have the nice view for as along as possible. Everybody feels well, cozily and comfortable at home that is tidy and refreshing, and curtains are the ones, which tend to accumulate dust. How to take care about them so that the house would shine and windows would be decorated attractively?

When you sew or buy curtains in the salon, always take interest in the composition of fabric, its maintenance conditions, because the future depends on them. Only the professional specialists are able to provide comprehensive advice with regard to caretaking. The curtain fabrics are made from various fibers – natural, synthetic or even mixed. Some of them may be washed manually, the others – by washing machine, while some may be entrusted just for dry-cleaning. It is especially difficult to select a suitable variant if the curtains are made from several fabrics. In such a case, even one unsuitable action may irreversibly damage the most gorgeous clothes for your windows.
It is recommended to clean or wash the day curtains twice a year, while for night drapes one time is enough. You can air the accumulated dust by opening the window widely on the windy day. Sometimes the vacuum cleaner set on small power can be used to suck the dust.
The most practical curtains are made from polyester because they are the easiest to be taken care about. They can be washed, dry-cleaned; they do not fade, shrink, are resistant to various temperatures, and can be ironed easily. If you choose cotton or viscose, you will also be able to wash or clean, but this fabric tends to shrink, thus you will have to take more interest in its characteristics. If silk is used to decorate the windows, the dry-cleaning will have to be used for such curtains. The linen is the most difficult one – it tends to shrink the most. The linen fabrics must be washed at approximately 30 degrees. The tapestry, Jacquard and other heavy fabrics, which are mostly used to sew portiere, should be dry-cleaned – it causes less troubles and guarantees cleanliness.
If the rings are impressed in the curtains or some decorative elements and accessories are fastened so that they cannot be removed, put them into special meshy bag and wash them separately from other laundry.
Despite the fabric used to sew curtains, wash them in washing machine using the program meant for sensitive laundry with soft rinsing. Special washing powder, whiteners or softeners meant specifically for curtains will help to achieve the best cleanliness results.
There exist different opinions about drying of curtains, thus the housewife will have to choose on her own – to hang wet curtains on the windows or not. When the curtains are hung went, while drying they acquire natural downfall, desired folds are formed, and thus ironing is avoided. However, there are people, who think that wet curtains hung immediately after washing accumulate more dust and dirt.

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