Caretaking of Roman blinds


Recently the Roman blinds have been especially favored for interior due to their easy adjustment to windows, convenient and functional usage. They occupy less space in the room than the curtains, but they perform the same function and provide more spaciousness. It is perfect solution for those, who have small premises and cannot find the way, how to cover the windows. If you choose Roman blinds, you will use little fabric, but its patterns, structure and colors will open out in full beauty. The special mechanism will help to raise the folds and fix them at the desired height, while in the evening you will lower them. The Roman blinds can be controlled by chain, string or remote control unit.

It is easy to take care about Roman blinds, also called Roman curtains, although one frequently fears that such decoration of windows will result in many troubles. On the contrary, in some cases they are more easily washed than curtains, because more fabric is used for curtains and thus one needs more efforts to hang them or wash them at home, whereas the Roman blinds consist of small piece of fabric, which does not cause many problems to take care about.
If you think that this stylish decoration of windows already needs “a bath”, all you have to do is to remove the fabric from the mechanism. The specialists, who have sewn the blinds, will explain you how to do this. Besides, you should consult them about the characteristics of the fabric of Roman blinds: whether they should be cleaned or washed, whether it shrinks while washing, whether it gets stained, fades, what the caretaking conditions are. It has been known for a long time that if the draping of windows is entrusted to real professionals, you will always stay satisfied. Thus after the specialist provide you with comprehensive information, you will have no troubles.
It is easy to remove the fabric of Roman blinds from the controlling mechanism. It depends on the characteristics of the fabric whether it should be washed in washing machine, by hands or sent to the specialists of dry-cleaning. The day and night fabrics are used for Roman blinds: tighter, cloth-binding, tapestry or jute, huckaback, silk, polyester, organza, especially thin cotton or linen. Sometimes the Roman blinds are made from several different fabrics, thus it is necessary to take into account characteristics of all of them. Thus, the characteristics of fabrics determine whether cleaning or washing is needed.
Linen, cotton, silk and cotton are natural fibers, and the fabrics woven from them require more efforts of caretaking. It is possible to wash and clean the polyester fabric – this fiber is the most durable and requires the least of care. Both modes also suit for cotton, but it has to be noted that such fabric tends to shrink more after cleaning or washing. Silk recognizes the only method – dry-cleaning. It is also applied for Jacquard and tapestry fabrics.
The fabrics of Roman blinds shall be washed manually at 30° temperature or in the washing machine if short program is selected that is suitable for sensitive fabrics and includes light rinsing. Neutral washing means should be used, which are meant for curtains or colored fabrics.

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