Bedroom is one of the most important home spaces. Order here is of big significance and is achieved not only by cleaned dust, but also by a nice bedcover put on the bed.
The bedcover has both – practical and aesthetical functions. It is practical because it protects the bed and/or mattress and bedding from dust, dirt, rapid wear and friction, whereas the aesthetical function of the bedcover is manifested by its ability to serve as one of the essential interior details of the bedroom that has to be matched to the whole concept of the bedroom. Usually the bedcover is matched to the curtains, carpets, but it also may be brought into line with the patterns of wallpapers.

The bedcovers serve their purpose not only in the master bedrooms, but also in the children’s room. The colourful and playful bedcovers may enliven the space of little residents of the house, create positive emotions and good mood. When the designers of Audrineta salon offer you bedcovers, bed skirts, pillows and other accessories, they select the materials and colours that could contribute to creating special atmosphere in the bedroom the best.





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