Roman Blinds

Roman blinds serve as an alternative for curtains. They are distinguished by easy control. They are controlled with the help of special mechanism and lifted up in folds – that is why the Roman blinds are characterized by unique beauty and romanticism. It is easy to lift and lower the Roman blinds. They cover the windows and grant privacy to home. The Roman blinds may be sewn from two different fabrics: the top fabric may let the daylight in, while the one underneath serves to preserve privacy.

You will be able to choose any desired patterns and details in Audrineta salons, regardless whether you prefer playful fabrics decorated in cars, flowers or birds…. The Roman blinds shielding from sun may be used for office.

Although the Roman blinds have been favourite of the European nobility since the old times, today it is a perfect choice for everyone who prefers either modern or classical style. Such a cover of windows suits home and office both.





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