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Although blinds and roller blinds have been predominant decoration fashion for long time, the curtains are returning to the Lithuanian houses already. The countrymen, who value naturalness and who have tried various decoration elements of home interior coming from abroad, select the curtains again. It has been proven by time that curtains are especially important and unique interior accent that creates cozy and warm home.
The main function of night drapes is to protect against early rising sun, car or street lights, and penetrating gaze of moon. However, often night drapes simply frame the window or serve as a decoration of room. Then it is possible to use all the powers of creation and fantasy, while the achieved result will represent your personal expression.If you considered and decided to cover the home windows with colorful fabric, then you can choose from the following variants:
1. Night drapes;
2. Austrian blinds;
3. Screens;
4. Roman blinds.
The night drapes are often sewn from darker colors and thicker and denser fabrics. If you wish to achieve complete darkness, then you will have to sew portiere from dense fabric that is matched with the material called black-out.
The colors of curtain fabrics, their structures, drape and decoration details should match each other and general style of the room.
In the room of classic style the night drapes are often bound in the sides to make the folds and to have the luxurious general image. However, in such a case measure should be felt and windows should not be overloaded and burdened. The curtain rods and decoration elements can provide originality and peculiarity to general interior.
The interior and curtain designers recommend Austrian blinds, distinguished by subtle elegance, for living rooms. They provide sophisticated splendor and glitter to the house. When they are lowered in the evening they protect against the external world, while raised to the desired height in the daytime they grant the possibility to admire the tree leaves colored by autumn or enchanting sunset.
The age and wishes of children help to determine whether night drapes are needed for children room. If the little owner prefers sleeping late in the morning and sun wakes him up early, then the night drapes are necessary. If your child is mobile and especially active, avoid red and orange colors, which stimulate activity even more. Various colorful accessories would provide playfulness for the room.
It is nice to adjust coverlet and pillows to the curtains in bedroom. The specialist do not recommend decorating the windows of the room, where you are going to rest, with curtains painted in geometrical shapes, because such pattern irritates. The night drapes should serve as a contract for room’s walls and not to upstage the main accent – bed. As it is the room meant to relax, use darker and calmer colors, which grant romance for the room, to sew the “clothes” for your windows.
Recently the exotic screens, which have come from Japan, have been favored to night drapes. They are especially convenient to cover large windows – at night the entire area of the window is covered, and at daytime it is possible to admire surrounding view. The screens fascinating with simplicity suit perfectly for people loving minimalism.
The Roman blinds suit well for people, who admire modernity. They are the interior element that is raised upwards with the help of special mechanism. They are recommended for small premises, because they do not need much space.
Have impressive, warm and cordial evenings at your cozy home!

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