Curtain is an important element that helps to create the interior of premises. We are proud to say that only individual curtains are sewn in the salons of “Audrineta” Ltd. You will not find the same anywhere else. The main value of “Audrineta” Ltd. is originality. Following it,

We can offer the clients of Audrineta Ltd.:

  • Wide choice of the curtain fabrics.
  • Interesting decoration elements of curtains.
  • Curtain rods of various styles.
  • Accessories for hanging the curtains

Additional services:

  • Consultations of competent designers.
  • Transportation of samples of curtains to the place of order.
  • Necessary measurements.
  • Fast and qualitative sewing of curtains
  • Designing and installation of curtain rods.
  • Hanging of curtains.
  • Gallery of curtain samples
  • Press the photo if you want to see larger image.

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