Austrian Blinds

Austrian blinds are distinguished by their subtle elegance among other curtains. They provide exquisite luxury and splendor for home. They are ideal for living rooms and banqueting halls. We recommend Austrian blinds for all persons, who respect exceptional beauty.

We can offer the clients of Audrineta Ltd.:

  • Fabrics for Austrian blinds.
  • Decoration elements of Austrian blinds.
  • Curtain rods of various styles
  • Hanging accessories for Austrian blinds.
  • Supplements of Austrian blinds.

Additional services:

  • Consultations of competent designers.
  • Transportation of samples of fabrics to the place of order.
  • Necessary measurements.
  • Fast and qualitative sewing of Austrian blinds.
  • Designing and installation of curtain rods.
  • Hanging of Austrian blinds.

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