Tablecloth is the symbol of splendor, solemnity, festivity and culture. Today one cannot imagine setting the table without splendid white or colorful tablecloth. It is used not only for the major holidays, but on the daily basis, as well.
The big catalogue of fabrics of “Audrineta” will allow you selecting the tablecloth, which could be used not only as the room’s accessory, but also as the element of special feast. Just think, you cannot imagine wedding or baptism, magnificent anniversaries or even playful children feasts without a tablecloth. It provides the table with esthetic and tasteful image, while the environment becomes cozy. If you choose a tablecloth from the qualitative fabrics of various types, you will not have to worry about its care, as it will be strong and firm, resistant to fire and water.

We can offer the clients of Audrineta Ltd.:

  • Fabrics for tablecloths.
  • Decoration elements of tablecloths.

Additional services:

  • Consultations of competent designers.
  • Transportation of samples of fabrics to the place of order.
  • Necessary measurements.
  • Fast and qualitative sewing of tablecloths.

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