Curtains or blinds? It sounds like „to be or not to be?“ Wonders think, collect and collect ideas on the Internet, we watch salon interior showcases, then discussing the household. In order to facilitate the plurality of choices – this time we invite you to the „pluses and minuses evening. Obviously, and curtains and Roman blinds – equivalent to a competitor, so when you choose and what are their differences?

When choosing curtains or roman blinds, above all, the most important to pay attention to the room layout and size. This is where the first pluses and minuses – curtains slightly reduces the space, so if the room does not have the size – in this case, better to choose roman blinds. They fit close to the window, there is minimal enough, so will not take up additional space. Thus, the size of the room – one of the key aspects in choosing. Consider also the colorful room. It is advisable that one area is not more than three different color combinations, so if you want to įvairiaspalviškumo, curtains or roman blinds is better to choose a neutral, light shade. This rule is the most valid interior curtains and small premises tandem. That is, if your small space, and romanettes do not want – choose a single color that match the shade of the room, curtains.

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