Stains are not decoration of tablecloth


The setting of table cannot be imagined without splendid white or colorful tablecloth. This element that provides glitter and solemnity is used at any home, in hotels, restaurants, guest houses, during the major feasts or on the daily basis. The tablecloth always grants uplifted and special mood for the table. But what view of the tablecloth is after the feast? This main decoration element of the table is always full of stains of various colors and shades. The first hopeless idea is to throw it away, but do not hurry – if you use our advice and put some efforts your favorite tablecloth can shine again.
The main rule is that it is more difficult to clean old stains, thus start as soon as possible!

Candle wax. Put the tablecloth stained with wax into the plastic bag and leave it in the freezer for several hours. The frozen was drops by itself. If this does not happen, you can scratch it softly using the blunt side of the knife. The iron can also help in this situation: put the paper on the place stained with wax and iron it. The heat should help the wax to transfer from the tablecloth to the paper.
Oily stains. It is the best to pour some chalk powder or salt on the fat that has just been spilled. The flour also suits for this purpose. Shake them down after several hours. If it is necessary, repeat the procedure for several times. You can remove the oily stains from silk tablecloth if the dirty place is soaked in the following solution: a spoon of glycerin, half spoon of ammonia and a spoon of water. Afterwards the tablecloth shall be washed in warm water.
Stains of red wine. It is recommended to absorb the liquid by paper tissue as soon as possible and not to allow the stain get old by washing it in water. If you do not have water, you can pour even white wine. In order to wash the red wine out better, keep the tablecloth in freezer. Besides, it is worth soaking it in water with several drops of uncolored dish detergent. The grandmothers would recommend you to soak the tablecloth into boiling milk and then wash it in the water at 95 degrees.
Chewing gum. If it is firmly attached to the tablecloth and it cannot be scratched, put the ice cubes around and leave in the freezer. It is easier to remove the frozen gum. If it is impossible to get rid of it, put the cloth moistened in petrol on the tablecloth – the softened chewed gum should get removed. Then all you have to do is to wash the tablecloth.
Stains of chocolate, coffee, cacao and tea. It is recommended to clean such dirt using the mixture of glycerin and ammonia, which consists of 4 parts of glycerin and 1 part of ammonia. Besides, water with big amount of dissolved salt can help – try to soak stains in it. You can remove traces of coffee or tea from white tablecloth using hydrogen peroxide or several drops of lemon juice. After the stains have been removed, wash the tablecloth carefully.
Ketchup. Soak the tablecloth for several hours in the solution of water and glycerin mixed in half proportions. If you have not succeeded, try this recipe – put 1 tablespoon of ammonia into 1 liter of water.
Stain of berries. Rinse the tablecloth with running water and soak it into milk, clabber or solution of lemon juice. Soak and rinse for several times until the stains of berries are removed.

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