Use curtains to change your home


f you select curtains for home windows with taste, artistry and professionalism, you will be perfectly able to change the image of the room. If the surrounding environment does not satisfy you and you do not have a possibility to choose another, if your want to hide the repair defect, if you think that “something” is lacking in your interior, use the following advice to decorate the windows.

ADVICE 1: if the room is small:
The curtains of straight or finely mottled fabric are recommended for small room. The horizontal patterns of fabric (especially contrastive) would extend the room optically, while the vertical patterns would make the ceiling higher. If you have pale curtains, which are less visible, do not attract sight and are not distinguished from general context, the presence in such a room would not be tiresome or irritant. Note that dark colors may reduce the already modest area even more. If the room, where you sleep is small, the colorful mottled coverlet would make it look more vivid.

ADVICE 2: if the room is big
In such a room you should decorate the windows using the principle of contrast with interior and select the curtains of darker and brighter colors – this would make the room cozier. However, if they are too heavy, there will be sense of oppressiveness and heaviness present in the room, and this is upsetting. In order to drape the spacious room’s windows, select the fabrics mottled with large patterns and use various decoration elements: fringes, bobbles, ribbons, strings or flowers. Graceful curtain rods and artistically draped windows would look as the picture of the best painter.

ADVICE 3: if the room is narrow:
It will be extended optically by contrastive fabrics with horizontal patterns and stripes. If separate curtains are hung on each window, they will not look so narrow, but will spread on the wall gracefully. Do not select a fabric, where geometric shapes are predominant (squares, rectangles, etc.), because such pattern irritates.

ADVICE 4: if the room is sunny:
If the sun rays are playing in the room for the major part of the day, the designers recommend hanging light yellow, ivory or cream curtains, while the fabric of blue, gray, green and sky blue colors should be selected for drape. Here the decorations of cold colors, which create general harmony with the interior, will not cause any damages, as well. If your bedroom or work room is on the eastern or southern side, the curtains made from dense, completely impermeable fabric called black-out will help to avoid the irritating light.

ADVICE 5: if the room is dark:
The curtains may be used to lighten and vitalize the dark room, where there is little sun and light. The flapping day curtains of warm tones (huckaback, muslin, veil, which let the light through well) in the northern rooms would look like playful sun bunny. Do not make a mistake by choosing openwork fabrics or lace, which would allow too much light and warmth through. The specialists recommend hanging the curtains of cream and not white color, because the eyes prefer such view.

ADVICE 6: if the room is low:
To make the room visually higher, hang the curtains on the very ceiling, while the fabric with longitudinal stripes should be used for drape. The windows’ decorations of vertical and moderate patterns would create the image of higher walls. In order to “heighten” the low ceiling optically, select strict covers of windows with many folds.

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